Bring. It. ON! Eli might have to come and pull Blake off LOL
Isaac is screwed, yo.
nope. not at all. omf we should all do convos between us and our characters rn. yes. ugh this is great. go isaac. u start. lol

Hahaha thank god it’s not just me. Okay:

  • Me: Isaac. Could you not?
  • Isaac: Not what exactly?
  • Me: Be that strange mixture of creepy and romantic? It’s… you know. Creepy.
  • Isaac: *shrugs* I am what I am, princess.
  • Me: Don’t give me a nickname, I made you!
  • Isaac: So isn’t it your fault that I’m ‘that strange mixture of creepy and romantic.’ How crazy are you princess?
  • Me:… shut up and get to punching Blake.